IT Systems

Software Maintenance

Our task was to turn the existing system into a powerful mechanism to rapidly analyze all variable inputs against existing failure rate models and alert them before the equipment was likely to fail. The previous client’s solution could not scale to accomplish this cost-effectively.
Testing, Maintenance & Support
Selenium, Bugzilla, Raxis SonarQube, Traceview


First of all, software performance improvement services needed to be done. We had to conduct testing and QA services to find all the bugs and fix them. Also, the client asked us to conduct architectural redesign services to make the system work properly. Also, the client worried about the safety of his data so we had to think about database and server administration as well. Software support was one more point we were asked to do.

Work process

As soon as the research was done, we started working with the client’s software. We provided the client with improved dedicated software maintenance and support services that enable him to concentrate on his core business functions. Now he has effective long-term continual maintenance and real-time support services for all the software requirements. We examined the software thoroughly for modifications, rectifications, editing, deletions, additions, and enhancements that it needed, and took necessary actions. Moreover, we investigated all the bugs that could arise in the software algorithms.

Results &

Now the client can use his renovated system for analysis, accumulation, systematization, storage and processing of information. Many production tasks work properly and most processes are simplified.
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