IT Systems

Finance Mobile App

The client is the owner of a finance mobile app. Due to its complexity users weren’t able to use the mobile banking app to its full potential. We helped to solve this problem.
UX/UI Design, Development
SkecthApp, Photoshop, Illustrator, Swift

Challenge we faced

The mobile app caused a lot of problems for the customers they weren’t able to sort out by themselves. As a result, there were plenty of dissatisfied customers who were angry about wasting a lot of time-solving different issues. The client didn’t want to lose the customers so we were asked to make the app user-friendly. UX/UI Design was poor so it needed to be changed. Our team decided to provide users with easily manageable finance application whether it’s making bill payments or transferring money from anywhere, even on the go.


IT Systems constructed detailed step-by-step descriptions of how the new mobile finance app should work to satisfy the users in the best way possible. As people were excessively complaining about the complexity of the app, its outdated look and overall inconvenience, we decided to immediately change it. We made it possible for users to perform as many operations as possible without the necessity of going to the bank. To make the application unique, user-friendly and bright, we used gradients and shaded and coloured parts of the screen that made it look modern.

Results &

Now the client has a problem-solving and time-saving app that allows its users to complete most of the financial operations easily. We did it in a dynamic manner that adds emotions to customers’ daily financial lives.
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