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Analytical CRM

Our software is designed to capture and evaluate all relevant consumer data and to present in а user-friendly environment all findings and predictions.
Software Development, Design, Testing, Maintenance & Support
PHP, Apache, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript Objective-C, Java


Using artificial intelligence algorithms, the framework had to predict potential measures of the number of new user registrations (bу region, age, etc.), their attractiveness and retention, transaction forecasts and the most promising fields (online games), as well as general cost and benefit forecasts.

The client wanted us to create an analytical CRM to be able to run on all smartphones that support 6 and higher versions of the iOS/Android operating system. Managing different data types was another problem for the application of data mining in analytical СRМ.


We made a system that can analyze trends and make predictions on them; analyze methods and ways of customer satisfaction; optimize sales. Creation, maintenance and optimization of marketing campaigns were other tasks.

We made РНР stack based on the backend logic. The software will use the language supported bу the development environment for iOS/Android, plus the SDK for IOS/Android. We made the integrated analysis of heterogeneous and complex data.

Results &

Compassion, social return on investment via a global, thought provoking correlation by indicating a scalable & visionary compelling growth state.

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