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Why do companies need corporate portals?

The corporate portal is your ‘virtual office’ that allows your employees to exchange information, documents, add, change, delete, and most importantly work together. But this is in a general sense.

In fact, corporate portals provide a variety of specific functionality for business needs. Some companies independently develop an individual and unique corporate portal for work (but it’s not cheap, to put it mildly), or you can take a ready-made solution and customize it to fit your specifics.

Why does the owner of a company need it? Let’s take a look at the benefits of corporate portals?

First of all, we get a system for storing and organizing all important information about customers. We control incoming customer requests. If it’s simpler, then you receive letters, calls, applications from the site, messages on social networks, and instant messengers. These can be applications from your new or existing customers, offers from your suppliers and partners. To begin with, all this information needs to be collected, stored, and preferably classified. Then it can be analyzed and used, for example, to identify the most effective advertising platforms.

For your employees to stop hurting, ready when they remember through what they communicated with a client via WhatsApp, email or Online consultant on the site. Your employees have access to this information from anywhere with the Internet, they can enter the portal even from a phone. There is no need to install any additional software on the computer, the employee’s working day will start simply – he came, sat down at the table, connected to the corporate portal and that’s it, he is ready to work. All of your employees (even if they work in different offices) can quickly access information and communicate with each other.

Secondly, a customer relationship management system – CRM is very important. That is, after the application has arrived, your manager needs to perform a series of actions before the client pays.

And of course, the final big block is Control and Analytics. The larger the company becomes, the more difficult it is to control employees. You should be able to get statistics on the performance of each employee. How many calls? How many tasks were completed? How many overtime hours?

Also, your department heads should be able to analyze the performance of the department. Until you can calculate the company’s performance in numbers, you cannot develop. The corporate portal, in turn, should allow you to build reports on a wide variety of parameters and do it simply and visually.

Why do you need this? To improve labour discipline in the first place. How much time does an employee spend at work? How efficient is it? What percentage of his applications become your clients? Secondly, to identify thin spots. Sometimes you don’t even know at what stage the implementation of projects and sales will be slowed down. And thirdly, to determine the development strategy of your company. But there is a nuance: analytics in the corporate portal is relevant only when all the necessary personnel work through it.

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