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My perfect news feed in Facebook

How to create your own alternative news feed and share it with other people.

Objective: get the perfect Facebook news feed, which will display all the content from interesting pages to celebrities without unnecessary, negative information.

My name is Kate, I’m a marketer in IT Solutions and I’d like to share my own experience in sorting FB news.

The first solution: click on each post you don’t like ‘I do not want to see this’, like the news you are interested in and wait for the Facebook algorithm to adjust the feed to your preferences.

The second solution: add filters. These are such programs for browsers. I tested a few and as a result, did not find the perfect solution.

The third solution: make your own lists of interests, like playlists in a player. It’s possible to create feeds based on interests and separately configure the types of updates that you are interested in.

How to create your own feed?

There is a button “Interests” in the left column of your page. Click on it and you will be asked to create a list.

Create, choose the pages you are interested in from the proposed ones, and move on.

After choosing the privacy settings, you will see a new feed. A list appears on the right where you can add more pages and people from the search. Have fun.

After that, you can share the tape with friends or open them only for close friends.

So that the tapes are not lost, go to the “Interests” tab again, click on the settings gear and select “Add to Favorites”.

I’ve created four news feeds for myself:

An alternative feed’ – there are all the pages and people of interest to me who do not have politics and hell. This is a tape for every day.

For girls’ – clothes, recipes, beauty, and other pink stuff.

Marketing’ – working hardcore, portals, and people who are interestingly writing on the topic of marketing and advertising on the Internet. This is a tape with professional information.

Something to read’ – magazines, interviews, stories to read.

You can open your news feed to everyone, share it, or show only to a limited circle of people. For example, I shared a marketing feed and an Alternative feed with my colleagues, they will see all the updates and follow these feeds.

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