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Link building as a universal solution for SEO today

How website promotion has changed

SEO is a heterogeneous industry. While most of the principles of promotion remain unchanged over the years, the other part – about 20% – is constantly changing.

Google is more conservative, and global changes in it are not so significant. According to personal feelings, in the last year or two, the factors of credibility began to be more carefully checked by assessors. But by far the biggest changes have taken place in recent months. Now Google has stopped showing paid ads, which gives organic search new traffic.

SEO Market Prospects

The SEO market is directly dependent on the business. For the past two years, the business has been in a permanent state of stress. But at the same time, SEO is one of the main channels for attracting traffic. Those who have done SEO continue to get organic traffic and customers.

Some clients were forced to stop their activities or take a break, for example, if their goods fell under sanctions. There are few such clients, and some have already managed to reorient themselves, so now they are returning to the market.

Development of link strategies

In link building, a lot depends on the project. In the first stage, we always cut by the current reference mass. A common situation is that the site has a large number of links that are qualitative but do not work. This is especially true for sites that have been promoted for many years.

Links work well in conjunction with other promotion techniques – you can’t just boost a page with a million links on it. We always figure out what the natural profile of a site should look like. Each type of resource will be different. You need to understand what the links are basically put on. For example, there are a lot of links to contacts on car service sites. The best thing to do is to put yourself in the user’s shoes and ask the question: “If I were a customer, where would I link to this site from?”

We analyze each site and build a strategy: which links, and how often should be purchased. We estimate which links will cost and how much, and how to implement all this. The fact is that it is very difficult to track which link gave which effect. The general strategy works, all links in the mass.

Be attentive

Remember that sometimes there are magic tips in SEO, but they are short-lived and dangerous. Search engines do not give priority to any ranking factor. It is necessary to work with all groups of factors in a complex. Work only with trusted contractors and partners who are working on everything. Be sure to plan your budgets and grow your SEO channel. Over time, it becomes one of the cheapest. Unfortunately, our business does not yet understand very well that SEO is a long-term and ongoing investment that pays off many times over time.

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